I am curious to know whether most people prefer cats or dogs. Which are smarter? Which are easier to take care of? Which are better to keep around?

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I am a cat person, i have 4 cats.

I have always considered myself a cat person because the strays always show up at my door.I had 2 indoor cats for 17 years and have been leaving food out for strays since I could remember. But recently I found and took in the most lovable rat terrier, he was with me all of 3 days until I found his owner today and I have to say I really enjoyed his company.It makes me want to adopt a small dog if I can can convince my doctor and my landlord our family needs a helper dog because those are the only pets allowed at my apartment complex.BTW there should be a bill to prevent apartment complexes from turning down people with pets.

I completely agree on landlords stopping people from having pets. People with pets live longer. Also, many of our rescues have been due to people being forced to move - then moving into a place that doesn't allow pets. They are forced to leave their pets behind when they can't find new homes for them. Traumatic for all involved.


I like BOTH, but since I also have birds, I have been reluctant to have another cat.  May get another one some day is the right previously declawed, easy-going kitty comes along.

During my life I had both cats and dogs. I live in a home with a small back yard. If I had a dog I would like to have a big yard for. Them to run and play. I now have 4 cats. I work long hours. Cats are the best pets for me at this time.


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