I am curious to know whether most people prefer cats or dogs. Which are smarter? Which are easier to take care of? Which are better to keep around?

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Love them both,..but allergic to Cats,...Dogs are smarter,.Cats easier to take care of,..not as needy,..prefer dogs,..great early warning system :)


I love having a dog for protection. It certainly helps me sleep easier. But because I'm so busy and rarely home, I have always had a cat or two. Dogs make me feel guilty when I leave the house.
Tough question~  I love all of them! I have several cats and dogs! All ways have had.

I am a parrot person. Don't get me wrong, dogs are cute and good companions, cats can be beautiful, but I don't trust them as far as I can see.


A well taken care of parrot can live about 9 times longer than a cat or a dog, they are just as smart if not smarter and they can talk. Dogs and cats have tongues, why can't they talk? That's all I'm sayin.

I think dogs and cats do not have the muscles to form words. But dogs can understand something like 250 or so words, I hear.
So when parrots talk (I've rarely been around a parrot), do they answer you? Or do they simply repeat what they've been taught?

The interesting thing about my parrots, I have 2, is I never taught them to say anything.

I  leave PBS on tv for them to watch when I am @ work, so they watch Barney & Sesame Street and the like. I guess they learned fro that.

My one parrot, Louie can say over 200 wonders and will speak in short sentences. The other one, Bentley can only say about 10 words, but he was already about 5 years old when I rescued him. 

Louie on the other hand grew up with me after being hatched, so he will answer you.

Pigs And Goats are TOO smart,...had them both of the farm,...and believe me they can solve puzzles,..and reason....I'll stick with Dogs,...and yeah Parrots are cool.

I"m both!

I just love the way a dog will show you protective loyalty no matter how the outcome will be for him. A dog will feel your mood and react giving you attention and love when you need it and steer clear when it's time.

Cats are always amusing. They have their own personality and make awesome cuddle partners. They love to play. Never a dull moment with a cat. My new one ambushes me every morning...paws sometime just come at me from under the hiding spot slappin my ankles. There's never a claw in them either. He also is good about keeping golfers out of my yard. He is always good for a smile...

Dogs are smarter than cats when it comes to tricks and such.

Sad to say, i know some folks that wouldn't get a seat on the life boat if it came down to them or My furry Friends.

If I absolutely had to choose, I would pick dogs,,,but do love botwh because of how different they are. Cats are much easier to take care of and more independent, dogs seem to crave and need your attention. Which one is smarter depends on your deffinition of intelligence...if by smart, you are speaking in terms of trainabilitity, then I would say dog,,,in terms of independent thinking and free-will, then a cat would win. Dogs are more loyal, and protective, I have never had a cat meow angrily at the door when someone knocks. I love all of the expressions that a dog can have on it's face: happy, sad, embarrassed, mad, pouting, suspicious, excited, etc..a cat seems to have two expressions: content, and hungry. (both very much alike, just the hungry one has wider open eyes.) I think, in fact, that the wide variety of facial expressions that a dog makes is why there is a painting called "Dogs Playing Poker". If it were "Cats Playing Poker", you would have no idea who was winning,,,unless a parrot was perched above the table and told you.

I am both, but dogs are just so dog gone easy to love,  more loyal too.  Cats are snobs  most of the time and do their own thing. They are so much easier to take care of though.  I swear my dogs just wait for me to turn my back and its party time... They are so smart and cunning that they will never give up who done it!!!   Just sit there looking at me with tails wagging... ill get down and look into their eyes and still cant tell which one did it.  They love to tear the stuffing out of pillows. They do it about Three times a week and they do it quietly as if to say got ya mama so I cant hear them.  smart little goof balls
such a cute photo!


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