This Siberian Husky showed up at our doorr steps last week. She is still a young dog, very playful and affectionate. She is wearing a black collar and we thought at first that she belongs to someone in the area, but  it does not appear so.

Since we live in the country we see it frequently that dogs are getting dumped out here. We would not mind to keep her but she does not stay inside of a fence, even a dog pen. She diggs herself out.

We have 4 Shelties and our males do not mind her, but our two females are not very happy about the new dog. We have our Shelties in a fenced in back yard and do not believe in letting them roam around free all over creation since as a pet owner we are responsible for the welfare of our pets.

If anyone can help finding her a home this would be wonderful. I am worried if she continues roaming around that some folks in the neighbourhood may call the pound on her

Ilona Inman 

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Beautiful Husky! I have downloaded the picture to my phone to show people that might be interested in her.  I will also watch the newspaper for lost Huskies, it may be missed by it's owners who may not live real close to you.  Huskies are notorious for being escape artist and wondering the country after-wards, and have been know to roam for miles away from their homes. 

Shelties are great dogs, I have a senior sheltie and have had one before also.  Living in the country is great, but unfortunately there are a lot of cowardly people with no heart that dump them in those types of areas.  I will do what I can to find the Husky a home, please let us know if anymore helpless dogs are dumped out that way,,,I can't imagine what an animal thinks as the people it trusts open the car door and shove them out to make it on their own,,,it really makes me sick to my stomache, but there are more good people than bad out there that help animals.

Thank  you for all your help. I am so glad to find out of the excistance of Pet Commando. This will  give me a chance to find a home for any future dogs who are dumped in our area, wish I could keep them all and give them a home but one has to be realistic

I have someone interested in her, he has a few questions about her though. I will get on the computer later and message you about them. I may be in Denison Friday and could possibly meet her, take pictures, etc. Let me know if that works for you.

That would be great finding Maya (my daughter nick-named her after a husky from  he movie 8 below) a home. I will be glad to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge. 

You are more than welcome to take pictures of her. Usually she hangs out between us and 2 other neighbours who feed her as well. I am usually working until 6 pm, but if I know what time you are panning to visit with her my husband can make arrangements to be there

Thank you to everyone who tried to help fnding a home for the Siberian Husky. When I got  home from work today my husband told me that a lady in a black pick up stopped at one of the neighbours house today and took the Husky. I do not know if she was the owner or if she just adopted her. We wish the best for the Husky and hope that she found a good home

Ilona Inman


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