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I am not quite sure why, but most dogs think that a little black and white furry animal waddling around the yard or park, would make a delightful play-mate and friend.  I am talking about skunks, and if you are a dog owner in the country, and sometimes even the city, the odds are pretty high that your dog will be…


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A lot of prospective dog owners, when considering the breed they choose, assume that the longer the hair, the more shedding they will have in the house and on the furniture.  Actually among the heaviest shedders are the medium haired, double coated dogs such as…


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Grooming Tip #9 For the Do-It-Youself Type: Peanut Butter

Yes, Peanut Butter... no, I haven't lost my mind!  There are actually several things you can use peanut butter for while grooming your dog to make some things go a little smoother and get you out of a jam.

I have seen many things get into a dog's hair, including tar, glue, gum, stickers, and in one case a whole…


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Grooming Tip # 7 For the Do-It-Yourself Type: Ears

As dog owners, we often scratch, rub, and pet our dog's ears or behind them, but far too often, we do not actually look inside them for the potential problems that might be developing there.  There are a large number of problems that can be happening within the dog's ear itself that we need to be aware of before it…


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Grooming Tip #3 For the Do-It-Yourself Type: Shedding

Often a dog owner will bring a dog in to be groomed with the complaint of hair all over the house, furniture, and bed. The most common misconception is that if they buy a short-haired dog, there will not be much hair left lying around to clean up... this is far from the truth!

Most dogs with short hair, the most popular being Chihuahuas, Labrador Retrievers, Rat Terriers, and Great Danes, actually shed more hair than most…


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Grooming Tip #2 for the Do-It-Yourself type: Toe Nails

Toe-nails. The length of a dog's nails is easy to over-look and often neglected. But if they get too long, the dog can end up, not only walking with discomfort, but with hip and joint problems because of the altered way in which they walk. Neglecting a dog's nails can even result in the nail growing so long that it curls under the foot and into the pad of the toes.

People, even if they are aware of this, often put off doing anything about it, either because of not knowing what to do,…


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