There are so many people on who have had huge hearts, and have taken in lost strays, abandoned, and dumped dogs and cats and are willing to be true Commandos by doing so.  I see many of the postings looking for the owners or trying to find homes for them, and thought I'd make a few suggestions to help to find homes for these pets more quickly.  As a dog groomer for the North Texas/Southern Oklahoma area, I have the potential to help dogs find homes, but often I need more information in order to more efficiently.  As a groomer, I come into daily contact with a lot of true dog-loving people who are often looking to adopt other dogs.  I save all the pictures to my cell phone, of the ones that are found, abandoned, and taken in for various reasons so I can easily show them. However, I often have little or no information to give people when they ask questions.

Great photos are a must!

The better the photo, and more appealing the picture of the dog or cat, the better the chances of it finding a home.  I know often, we can only take pictures of these dogs and cats with our cell phone cameras, and animal photography is not easy by any means. Dogs and cats don't exactly pose and say "Cheese," but better pictures do help -- I promise. Take as many as you can until you capture a dog or cat at just the right moment. Download this free PDF of photo tips of how to take great photos that will help pets get adopted.  (Courtesy of

Information please!

Potential dog owners want some basic information such as breed, male or female, spayed or neutered, and color.  Follow-up questions are usually: is it house-broken, good with children, good with other dogs, good with cats?  Basically, the better the description that you give of the pet, the better the chances of finding a home for it that will make up for the plight it is currently in by giving it the love it deserves and needs.

I can help.

If you take in a dog and need to find a home for him or her and are not sure of the breed, or how to describe them, and you live in the Sherman/Denison, Texas area, I am willing to help. I would be happy to visit the dog for 20 to 30 minutes and take photos, meet the dog and assess it as well as I can to help it find a home more quickly. 

You can contact me at Robert (at), or even call or send a text message to me at 903-267-5105.  If I don't answer, please leave a message. I'll do anything I possibly can for anyone helping an animal, but unable to keep it themselves.  We at petcommando are a community, and helping pets and the people that love them is what we are all about.  Thanks!

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Comment by Louis Pollaro on January 31, 2012 at 11:26am

Robert! Thanks for this offer to help.

If you have taken in a lost or abandoned cat or dog and are trying to place it in a forever home - please list it on the message board of your local Pet Commando Group (under the LOCAL tab above). Add a photo and any interesting info you have. Give the dog a name and tell about its personality. Every bit of info helps. We will promote it to our members, facebook friends, etc.

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